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Varying Marine Fuels Requirements

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ALPHA MARINE FUELS is a sister company of ALPHA YACHT SERVICES and belongs to the ALPHA MARINE GROUP.

ALPHA MARINE FUELS is covering all of the East Med with fuel. TRUST OIL is the Greek company that ALPHA MARINE FUELS owns. The company which exists since 1994 belongs to Capt Nikos Politis.

TRUST OIL is a privately owned, independent company based in Athens and is a regional market leader in the physical supply of marine fuels for yachts in Greece.

TRUST OIL supplies marine fuels and lubricants to all marinas and islands in Greece.

Types of products

By offering a full range of products, we accommodate varying marine-fuel requirements of the following grades:

  • DIESEL  10 ppm
  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Marine Gas Oil (max 0.2% Sulphur)
  • All grades of IFO
  • Duty Paid and DUTY FREE fuel
  • Fuel samples provided in ALL deliveries

Trust Oil

TRUST OIL is a company services all the domestic market in Greece with its own fuel trucks and service stations.

TRUST OIL is the direct supplier of fuels to industries, hospitals.

Our activities include delivery of marine fuels in all major marinas in the Athens area as well as in all other marinas in Greece, including all Aegean and Ionian islands.


Our objective is to help the purchaser realize significant savings, availability of services & products and meaningful economies of scale.

In recent years, the company has entered cargo supply and trading of marine fuels.
Cargo parcels of small and large sizes are offered on FOB and CIF basis, mainly for Mediterranean and Black Sea ports – destinations.

We participate in the tenders of strategically chosen producing countries, and are experts in identifying mispricing and arbitrage opportunities. To give ourselves maximum flexibility, we are planning to lease extensive storage facilities in and outside Greece. This will enable us to react to market opportunities quickly, break bulk and serve the requirements of our clients.

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